Made fresh daily, our cannabis juices start with large fan leaves and flower picked fresh from healthy, organic cannabis plants. We mix in your favourite choice(s) of fruit juice, typically apple, pineapple, blueberry, acai, strawberry, pomegranate or some other organic juice, and then we add fruit and sometimes yogurt or protein to that make up our special blends.

Delicious and medicinal, these juices are healthy but non-intoxicating because the fresh cannabinoids are found in their natural state and require combustion to become intoxicating. Fresh cannabis leaves seem to have health benefits with wonderful research underway trying to quantify what that is. Many of the health benefits of consuming fresh cannabis plants are still being explored.

You can also turn it into an intoxicating edible — ¬†add some high THC oil to your fresh juice and let the next four hours take you on a fun and happy journey while high.